Monday, July 16, 2007

No Title for this one

Well I have finally gotten the green out of my pool. Thanks to alot of Bleach! There has still not been a funeral for my friend. She donated her body to cancer research. Anyway, I am glad to say that some of the old friends I found on myspace have responded and we are now in touch. Now I am just waiting on the rest to reply. I have discovered just how addictive Ebay can be. I think I am now buying stuff just for fun. I got two pair of shoes the other day that were not even in the right size. (idiot) and I bought a memory card for a computer that I have no idea how to install or if it will even go to my computer. (moron) I think I even have a teletubbie cake pan coming. (I DONT HAVE KIDS) Well my nephew likes them hopefully and I will use it next year for his birthday. I am going to have to have a chaperone when I go on there from now on. I guess I can just turn around and sell this crap on there but I am afraid to start selling. My husband says he will end up coming home and I will have sold our house or something. (I did see you can sell cars there) WooooHooooo! Ok I have to go and see what else I can buy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Summer so far.

Ok so my summer has so far sucked! I bought a pool and it turned green (guess I should have read a book or something on how to care for a pool). I had my high school reunion and none of the mean girls got fat. Not to mention a very close friend of mine passed away on the fourth of July. Can't wait for fall now! Hopefully the rest of the summer will not be so eventful. I was looking forward to a quiet restful summer but not so far! I have just spent the last hour or so on myspace finding old friends from school that I actually liked (some of whom never showed at reunion). I will be surprised if I hear any replies, the way my luck has been going my computer may blow up if I stay on here any longer. Ok time for me to go, I think my monitor is starting to smoke.